Sustainable Infrastructure

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We provide sustainability services to improve energy efficiency, analyze and reduce the impacts of climate change, and strengthen our resilience to a changing climate.

There is a critical need to mitigate the impacts of climate change (reducing greenhouse gases) and to adapt to future conditions (improve our resiliency and reduce our vulnerability). We support these challenges through projects such as the development and construction of energy efficient buildings; supporting the climate change research; planning and assessment for solar and wind projects; the development of sustainability and resiliency plans; and coastal engineering to mitigate impacts from sea level rise and large storms.

We strive to demonstrate how sustainable alternatives are also practical solutions. Sustainable alternatives help to meet project objectives by:

  • Reducing long-term program costs
  • Improving resiliency
  • Finding efficiencies in operations and energy use
  • Reducing schedules
  • Mitigating risk

Sustainability Services

Green Building Certifications

  • LEED Certification & Project Management
  • Enterprise Green Communities Certification
  • Green Globes Certification
  • IgCC Compliance
  • SITES Certification
  • Green Charette Facilitation and Goal Setting

Sustainability and Resiliency Planning

  • Sustainability Plans
  • Climate Change Analysis
  • Resiliency and Adaption Planning
  • Greenhouse Gas Methodology Development
  • Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Planning

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