Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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Straughan has a proven track record of leveraging geospatial technology, services, and support to produce, analyze, and distribute critical data to make informed decisions regarding natural resource management, engineering design, and environmental planning.

We provide innovative solutions to:

  • Increase efficiency – mobile data collection, web mapping applications, data reporting dashboards
  • Automate tasks – custom scripting, data processing, management, integration
  • Improve data accuracy – survey methods, quality assurance processes, database standards
  • Produce user-friendly products – publication quality maps and graphics

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

  • Geodatabase Development and Design
  • Geometric Network Design
  • Custom Geoprocessing Tools
  • Spatial Analysis and Modeling
  • Relational Database Development
  • Data Development and Quality Control
  • Drone Support
  • Asset Management and Inspections
  • GPS and Field Surveys
  • Cartographic Production
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • GIS Program Management