Statewide, MD Baltimore Gas & Electric

BGE GIS Utility Asset Management and Reporting

Straughan is supporting BGE to develop, refine, and enhance their geospatial tools and data integrations.


Our Approach

Straughan serves as a prime contractor to BGE to enhance and refine geospatial tools and data integrations. Throughout the course of this project, Straughan has integrated diverse datasets with other functional areas (natural gas asset management), developed process-based systems to achieve objectives, performed high-level queries and analyses, developed visualizations customized for the task at hand, manipulated geographic data, and developed GIS content for web access in the field and for presentation purposes. The datasets and applications developed by Straughan are being used by hundreds of BGE employees daily.

Straughan’s work has been integral to BGE as they work to apply geospatial analytics to make new insights about their data and improve decision making. The integration of datasets through custom scripting tools not only allows for the ability to identify data discrepancies within base data sources, but also allows end users to achieve more concise views of data without having to examine various data sources. The development of applications from custom scripted data sets allows processes to be repeatable, consistent, and easily adjustable to procedural changes. Further, the ability for users to edit data that can be time- and user-stamped offers transparency and proof of completion to ensure compliance with regulatory commissions.

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