Statewide, MD Maryland Transportation Authority

Asset Management Inventory Services

Straughan is providing a variety of asset management inventory services for MDTA property, which included over 100 miles of traffic barriers.


Our Approach

For MDTA-owned assets such as fences, traffic barriers, and signs, Straughan has been providing inventory services, including over 100 miles of traffic barriers. Each of these categories requires different compliance elements. Sign compliance elements include record, type, specific condition characteristics, repair type, and retro-reflectivity reading. Fence compliance elements include type, overall rating, specific condition characteristics, end type location, and repair type. Traffic Barrier compliance elements include barrier height, manufacturer, model type, and height measurements.

We recorded photo documentation of all assets using either Collector for ArcGIS or Survey123 for ArcGIS. We are able to monitor the number of assets inventoried using Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, which also helps to document overall project completion.

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