Ecosystem Restoration

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We maintain a robust commitment to protect, enhance, and restore our natural resources. We deliver successful projects because we understand the conditions required for natural systems to thrive and the regulatory policies that exist to protect them.

We also understand the tradeoffs between community development and the protection of natural resources. At Straughan, our commitment to advancing sustainable and resilient communities includes the integration of healthy ecosystem services.

We Understand The Regulations. We are experts in fulfillment of stream, wetland, coastal, and stormwater restoration requirements and can provide plans that meet your specific needs.

We Perform Expert Assessments + Planning. This allows us to gain a site-specific understanding of resource function and potential for uplift and affords us the opportunity to provide up front clarity on site suitability, cost, and schedule expectations.

We Understand The Practice. We apply design techniques based on the latest science and understanding of self-sustaining natural systems. We are prepared to pair the right project with the right approach, uniquely tailored to meet or exceed site-specific goals within acceptable cost and schedule.

We Build + Monitor For Success. Our team is prepared to support restoration project implementation and construction, including long-term monitoring and reporting.

Ecological Restoration Services

  • Watershed Studies and Implementation Planning
  • Stream Restoration
  • Sediment Transport Modeling
  • Natural Channel Design
  • Hydraulic Modeling (1D/2D)
  • Floodplain Restoration/Legacy Sediment Removal
  • Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance (RSC)/Step-Pool Stormwater Conveyance (SPSC)
  • Living Shorelines
  • Wetland Creation and Restoration
  • Vernal Pools
  • Reforestation
  • Stormwater Best Management Practices
  • Mitigation Banking
  • Monitoring and Adaptive Management