Coastal + Resiliency

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Our team has proven experience with coastal restoration and resiliency projects. We utilize sound coastal engineering, aquatic/estuarine ecology, and soil and plant science to create sustainable and ecologically valuable shoreline protection and enhancement designs.

Our projects are designed to control erosion, restore land and tidal marsh habitat, and protect coastal communities. Climate change and sea level rise increase risks of flooding and natural disasters. Our planning, modeling, and engineering processes help mitigate risks of flooding, improve resiliency, and adapt infrastructure for the impacts of climate change.

Coastal + Resiliency Services

  • Aquatic/Estuarine Habitat Restoration
  • Asset/Natural Resource Vulnerability Assessments
  • Coastal Asset Protection & Engineering
  • Coastal Resiliency Assessments & Mitigation
  • Coastal Wave/Surge/Erosion Modeling
  • Coastal Wetlands
  • Community/Stakeholder Outreach/Communications
  • Dredging Characterization, Design & Permitting
  • Flood Mitigation
  • Floodplain Studies & Management Design & Mapping
  • Grant Funding Documentation & Support
  • Living Shorelines/Shoreline Restoration
  • Sea Level Rise Projections/Modeling
  • Shoreline Stabilization Design
  • Stormwater Management Facility Design & Retrofits
  • Waterfront Revetment Design