Worcester County, MD Maryland Coastal Bays Program

Non-Point Source Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Project Opportunities in Sinepuxent, Newport, and Chincoteague Bay Sub-Watersheds

By developing a weighted decision matrix, Straughan was able to identify the top 60 sites out of over 7,500 properties in the study area watersheds that could provide the most non-point nutrient and sediment load reductions.


Our Approach

Straughan completed a watershed assessment for the siting and design of non-point source nutrient and sediment reduction projects in the Sinepuxent, Newport, and Chincoteague Bay sub-watersheds in the Maryland Coastal Bays. Funded by a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust (CBT), the primary goal of the project is to work towards meeting the non-point source TMDL load reduction requirements of the southern bays. Straughan used a weighted decision matrix to prioritize a large number of properties in the watersheds to screen potential projects with the most potential load reductions. We used the matrix to enhance further discussion at stakeholder meetings. Straughan performed field assessments to document site conditions and determine restoration feasibility. Straughan developed a roster of 10 prioritized project opportunities and 3 concept designs for future funding and development. Ultimately, Straughan was able to help MCBP identify restoration locations to improve water quality across over 125,000 acres of watershed.