Baltimore City and County, MD Maryland Environmental Service/Maryland Port Administration

Patapsco River Shoreline Assessment and 30% Design

Straughan evaluated 10 Patapsco River Shoreline sites on MPA property to determine feasibility of providing shoreline restoration practices for both increased stability as well as obtaining credits for the MS4 program. Three locations were identified for further design development and one site (Point Breeze) was advanced to 30% design.


Our Approach

Straughan evaluated cursory shoreline assessments for 10 shoreline sites owned by the Maryland Port Administration. The major criteria were shoreline stability and potential TMDL credit cost estimation. Straughan coordinated with MES to progress 3 sites to GIS-based level design and cost estimation. The Point Breeze site was prioritized for more detailed concept level design based on shoreline stability and cost per TMDL credit.

The Point Breeze shoreline restoration proposes to replace a failing sea wall with a living shoreline. The offshore breakwater reduces wave energy and the nearshore marsh plantings provide aquatic habitat. The project delivers concentrated upland drainage to preformed scour holes placed at the highest tide elevation. The existing sea wall piles are maintained to reduce excavation and demolition cost. Point Breeze shoreline restoration will raise the flood protection elevation to the predicted future base flood elevation using proprietary HESCO flood barriers, proposed to be filled with Bay dredge material.

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