Baltimore, MD Chap’s Pit Beef Restaurant

Chaps Pit Beef Restuarant for Green Building Compliance

This building project is nationally recognized and was featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives – Chaps Pitt Beef Restaurant is an award-winning Baltimore style BBQ Restaurant that was designed and renovated to include sustainable features in compliance with the Baltimore City Green Construction Code.


Our Approach

Straughan Environmental was the Sustainability Consultant for the design team, Architectural Design Works, Inc., to ensure that the interior alteration was in compliance with the 2018 International Green Construction Code, as adopted by Ordinance 20-361, effective May 18, 2020, and subsequently amended in the Baltimore City Building, Fire and Related Code, Part XI (Baltimore City Green Construction Code). The 4,136 SF interior fit-out of the existing tenant space included new non-load bearing interior walls, finishes ceiling, dining area and kitchen including new plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and cooking equipment. Since the project consisted of interior alteration only for less than 25,000 SF and will connect to existing mechanical and electrical systems, and did not meet the exceptions (2012 Baltimore IgCC, Section 101.3.2 Exceptions), the applicable green building compliance path was the Baltimore IgCC. Given the project parameters, the project objective was to provide compliance with sections of the 2012 IgCC, as provided in the Green Building Statement of Compliance, Attachment A; applicable to interior alterations under 25,000 SF. The project adhered to Attachment A based on the requirements found in the following Sections of the 2012 IgCC: Section 503 Construction Waste Management, Section 504 Waste Management and Recycling, Section 506 Lamps, Section 608 Building Electrical Power and Lighting Systems, and Section 702 Fixtures, Fittings, Equipment, and Appliances.

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