Reston, VA Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Policy Development and Noise Analysis for the Dulles Toll Road Highway

To support long range plans to replace both structurally and noise mitigation deficient noise barriers, the Authority contracted with Straughan to develop the Dulles Toll Road Traffic Noise Policy and perform the Modified Type II Traffic Noise Study.


Dulles Toll Road Traffic Noise Policy

Straughan assisted the Authority with the development the Dulles Toll Road Traffic Noise Policy in order to comply with the revised 23 CFR Part 772 – Procedures for Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise and Construction Noise. The noise policy developed by Straughan was reviewed and approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). This noise policy development task involved educating the senior administration at the Authority on technical traffic noise information and providing advice so they could make well-informed policy decisions. This task also involved meetings with the Authority attorneys to review the policy language and related potential legal repercussions. Straughan executed this task with a series of workshops and review meetings which prepared the senior administration for meetings with elected officials and the public. The final policy can be found here.

Modified Type II Traffic Noise Study

For the Modified Type II Traffic Noise Study, Straughan studied a 12 mile long section of the 14-mile long project study area. The study included the identification of 27 Noise Sensitive Areas within the project area, determined which areas were impacted by highway traffic noise and the effectiveness of existing highway traffic noise barriers. As part of this study, Straughan determined if an existing noise barrier was adequately performing and meeting barrier design goals as outlined in the Dulles Toll Road Traffic Noise Policy. For barriers that did not meet design goals as well as areas without existing noise barriers that experienced traffic noise impacts, Straughan developed and optimized noise barrier designs for noise-impacted areas that met the Authority’s design goals and performed a mitigation analysis to determine if noise abatement was reasonable and feasible.

Public Outreach

Straughan also played an integral role in the Public Outreach for this high-profile project, including creating displays, brochures, and FAQ Sheets, as well as preparing Authority staff for the Public Meeting and participating in the Public Meeting. Straughan also assisted the Authority by preparing a briefing presentation to Elected Officials which consisted of a summary of the Traffic Noise Policy, the Dulles Toll Road Highway Noise Wall Program, the traffic noise analysis process and results as well as outlining the schedule for existing noise wall repair, construction of replacements as well as construction of new noise barriers.

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