Houston, TX NASA Johnson Space Center

Environmental Compliance Services for NASA Johnson Space Center

Under concurrent IDIQ contracts, Straughan provides environmental support services at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, TX that encompasses JSC, Sonny Carter Training Facility (SCTF), Ellington Field (EF) and El Paso Forwarding Location (EPFOL).


Our Approach

Since 2013, Straughan has served as the prime contractor on concurrent IDIQ contracts. In support of the objectives of NASA Johnson Space Center’s environmental program objectives, Straughan’s team has continually provided a total GSA solution to fully meet the requirements of the current Johnson Space Center (JSC) Environmental Services Team (JEST) contract. Straughan is providing the full range of environmental compliance services across all media (NEPA, Petroleum Oil Lubricants (POL), water, air, waste, sustainability, Pollution Prevention (P2)). We work to protect and enhance the quality of the environment through compliance with all federal, state, and local environmental regulatory authorities; Executive Orders; and NASA and JSC policies and directives.

Straughan team is one of the key team players in NASA’s critical projects, such as the site wide building demolitions as well as the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant construction and commissioning. To date, Straughan team has supported over 15 building demolitions site wide.

In recognition of our commitment to safety, Straughan was awarded a Super Nova Award in 2021 for maintaining a zero injury/illness rate, being a full participant in Center safety organizations, and having instituted several innovative practices to enhance team safety. To date, Straughan has received 2 Super NOVA Awards and 3 NOVA Awards for zero injuries and innovative safety practices. Overall, Straughan team has helped NASA JSC and its satellite locations stay in compliance with zero Notice of Violations (NOVs) from regulatory agencies.

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Hurricane Harvey recovery projects supported
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