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Environmental Compliance Management

For over 10 years, Straughan provided state-wide project management services and environmental program management on-site support to the Environmental Compliance Division of SHA.


Our Approach

Straughan provided project management services and environmental program management support to the Environmental Compliance Division of the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA). SHA is required to maintain multi-media environmental compliance for over 160 facilities state-wide including their administration buildings, maintenance facilities, satellite storage facilities, weigh stations and ongoing highway maintenance operations. Continuous environmental improvement is managed through SHA’s compliance focused environmental management system.

We provided on-site support for the water, wastewater, and hazardous waste programs for SHA. Our staff managed work procedures, inventories, program records and documentation through SHA’s online compliance focused database. Straughan enhanced environmental performance, assisted in conforming to compliance obligations and prevented or reduced adverse impacts on the environment. Systematic environmental compliance is not about managing the environment. It is about managing activities, products, and services in such a way that the environmental conditions with which they interact show a net gain in resilience, diversity and capacity. Through close coordination with SHA’s environmental compliance division, we delivered a world class program to help advance SHA’s management system beyond compliance into sustainability.

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By The Numbers

The Results

State-wide facilities kept in multi-media compliance
State-wide facilities kept in compliance with General and Individual Industrial NPDES Permits
Large quantity generators kept in waste management compliance

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