Houston, TX NASA Johnson Space Center

Flood Mitigation Study at the NASA Johnson Sonny Carter Training Facility

In response to flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, Straughan performed a flood mitigation study for mitigation measures on-site that will align with other regional flood mitigation projects by Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) and the City of Houston.


Our Approach

NASA Johnson Space center enlisted Straughan to assist with a flood mitigation feasibility study for the mission critical Sonny Carter Training Facility which was impacted by flooding from Hurricane Harvey. The study included evaluation of the flood risks, modeling of future storm events, investigation of flood risks, evaluation of alternative flood mitigation strategies, and consideration of regional flood mitigation projects by the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) and the City of Houston.

Straughan assessed an array of flood mitigation strategies that provided varying levels of protection to the facility and included the evaluation of benefits and drawbacks to the alternatives and level of coordination after with Johnson Space Center staff as well as recommendations for the ideal cost for a flood mitigation strategy. Straughan estimated life-cycle costs, benefit-to-cost ratios, and developed conceptual flood mitigation layouts and 3-D renderings of proposed flood mitigation approaches.

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