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TMDL Program Management

Straughan provides TMDL program management, project management, and public outreach services to the Office of Environmental Design of the Maryland Department of Transportation (SHA).


Our Approach

Straughan provides project management, TMDL program management, and public outreach services to the Office of Environmental Design of Maryland Department of Transportation (SHA). SHA is required to bring Maryland highways into compliance with Maryland’s WIP for the Chesapeake Bay TMDL, NPDES Phase I and II MS4 permits, and local TMDLs by implementing stormwater and environmental BMPs. MDOT SHA is addressing opportunities to retrofit existing structural SWM facilities to provide water quality management for untreated impervious areas and enhance pollutant removal efficiencies.

Straughan is the overall implementation manager for the TMDL/MS4 Retrofits strategy, coordinating the selection, design, and construction of projects, including design-build, related to retrofitting hundreds of existing SWM facilities within the Phase I and II NPDES jurisdictions. Responsibilities have included reviewing MS4 BMP inspection reports and conducting BMP field investigations to verify inspection results and ensuring necessary repair or maintenance items are addressed in the planned BMP retrofit design. Straughan’s role also includes site screening, selection, and investigation; property owner coordination; design management and review; coordination of design support services (e.g., parcel research, survey, geotechnical investigation, etc.); and construction support. Straughan currently manages compliance for individual and general industrial NPDES permits for SHA facilities.

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