Laurel, MD City of Laurel, Department of Parks and Recreation

Dry Floodproofing Feasibility Study

The Dry Floodproofing Feasibility Study was conducted by Straughan as part of the larger deliverable, “Flood Risk Management Study for the Patuxent River,” that was prepared by the Maryland Environmental Service (MES) for the City of Laurel. Straughan assessed the selected high-risk areas in Laurel, MD and provided concept-level Dry Floodproofing alternatives.


Our Approach

Straughan Environmental prepared the brief Dry Floodproofing Feasibility Study Report to be included in the main report and was focused on high-risk flood areas and buildings identified by the City of Laurel within the greater Patuxent River Basin. Straughan assessed the applicable high-risk areas within the study area and provided concept-level Dry Floodproofing alternatives in accordance with the City of Laurel building codes and FEMA requirements. One high-risk flood area was further investigated due to the building’s structure, location, and function. The PEMB, or pre-engineered metal building, was owned by the City of Laurel and was intended to serve non-profit organizations to provide housing and recreation services. However, the building was located on a 100-year floodplain with flood depths less than three feet. In the final Dry Floodproofing Feasibility Study Report, Straughan provided national and local flood risk management (FRM) requirements, data collected including building surveys and elevation data, concept-level drawings of the proposed dry floodproofing methods, and site-specific dry floodproofing alternatives with ROM cost estimates for each alternative.

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