The Future Looks Bright for the Stream Restoration Industry


On Saturday March 10th, Water Resources Engineers Joe Arrowsmith, James Wade, and Buck Weimers represented Straughan at The Maryland Stream Restoration Association’s Spring 2018 Stream Restoration Seminar & Job Fair at University of Maryland, College Park.

Attendees included over 60 students from 12 different colleges and universities. Students attending the seminar received career guidance and an introduction to a variety of career paths within the stream restoration industry– ecology, environmental science, engineering, construction, and government.

Potential employers, like Straughan, were able to meet with students and share their own knowledge and experience, while learning more about the programs and coursework being offered at these colleges and universities. This next generation of engineers are receiving a much more specialized education within the field of ecological restoration. At a time where there is a need for smart, trained, and technically-able college graduates, it was exciting to see that these students will be able to hit the ground running when the time comes.

We got a glimpse of the future on Saturday and it definitely looks bright!