NASA Selects Straughan to Provide Environmental Consulting for Johnson Space Center


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has selected Straughan Environmental, Inc., to provide environmental consulting services for the Johnson Space Center (JSC). The project is a $19.8 Million five-year contract, during which Straughan Environmental (SE) will work with JSC Environmental Office to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and local government laws and regulations and achieve JSC’s environmental program objectives for greater sustainability and innovation.

The program areas at JSC includes, compliance, spill response, waste handling and disposal, pollution prevention, environmental planning, restoration, education and outreach, stewardship, sustainability, and continual improvement. The primary work areas for this contract are at JSC, Ellington Field (EF), Sonny Carter Training Facility, El Paso Forward Operating Location (EFPOL), and other locations within a 50-mile radius of JSC.

The Johnson Space Center is our third project for NASA. During our previous work at the Langley Research Center and the Goddard Space Flight Center, we have witnessed first-hand NASA’s strong commitment to promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability.

–Eileen Straughan, President