Congratulations to MDTA’s TMDL Pilot Tree Planting Project!


Congratulations to MDTA and Straughan’s Mike Greenberg for the TMDL Pilot Tree Planting Project that recently received an Honorable Mention at MDOT’s 2018 Environmental Excellence Awards. Mike supported MDTA on an innovative collaboration between the Office of Engineering and Construction and the JFK-1 Maintenance Facility to establish an environmentally sustainable landscape that would reduce mowing and maintenance costs and improve stormwater discharge quality efforts. From successfully advertising a commodities contract to procure trees (a cost savings to MDTA), to designing the TMDL planting (first for MDTA), to training MDTA operations personnel on successful plant installation and establishment (another cost savings to MDTA), Mike has successfully supported MDTA on this project from start to finish. Mike’s expertise in utility tree and vegetation management and his commitment to sustainability has been integral to the success of this pioneering project. We are excited to partner with MDTA on cutting-edge projects like this one.