ACEC/MW Engineering Excellence Honor Award


We had a great time at the ACEC Metropolitan Washington 2022 Engineering Excellence Awards Gala last night and were proud to be recipients of an Honor Award in Non-Design for our work with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) on the Stormwater Retrofits Planning and Design project. We look forward to continuing our work on green infrastructure design projects for our clients in 2023!

DDOT Stormwater Retrofits Planning and Design

This is a groundbreaking project that allows DDOT to efficiently install and maintain green infrastructure (GI) while improving water quality. It required tremendous coordination with stakeholders, planners, engineers, and GIS specialists. We selected a team that aligns with DDOT’s vision and sees the bigger picture. Straughan brought together a team of experts (the “Straughan Team”) that was able to provide the innovative solutions necessary to successfully complete the four goals of this project within the schedule that has been allotted.

The Straughan team conducted a collaborative effort and share of resources so that these requested goals build upon each other and support DDOT’s vision for the outcome and future of this project. Through our expert and innovative execution of this project, Straughan will reduce DDOT’s future operating costs, accelerate GI installation, and modernize the operations and maintenance of DDOT’s GI facilities.

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