24th Annual Maryland Water Quality Monitoring Conference


The Maryland Water Monitoring Council held its 24th Annual Conference at the Maritime Conference Center in North Linthicum, Maryland, on Friday, December 7, 2018. This year, the theme was Science, Stewardship, and Citizen Involvement – Working Together for Clean Water and Straughan was thrilled to have Joe Arrowsmith, PE and Ingrid Bauer, PE contributing to this discussion through their presentations that afternoon. At Straughan, the connection between the work that we do and the communities that are impacted is a part of every project that we work on. As members of the communities that we serve, we are committed to bridging that gap and working together to strive for better water quality and overarching sustainability for Maryland’s waters.

Joe’s presentation, “A Model for Stream Restoration: Aligning Two Dimensional Hydraulics with Functional Outcomes” provided a primer on two-dimensional modeling and the benefits to stream restoration design.

Ingrid’s presentation, “Cedar Haven Living Shoreline: An Example of the Benefits of Stabilizing Tidal River Shorelines” showcased a living shorelines stabilization project that was an interesting intersection of a local government working towards MS4 goals while also capitalizing on an opportunity to improve a public space for the surrounding community.

Complete abstracts for both presentations can be found here on pages 17 and 18.

Thanks to Joe and Ingrid for representing Straughan and sharing some of the exciting work they are doing!