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Vice President

Justin Haynes

Vice President

Justin Haynes, Vice President,  grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and has worked for Straughan Environmental for more than 15 years. Justin’s expertise includes environmental compliance, ecological restoration, program management, project planning, and environmental monitoring. At Straughan, Justin provides project management oversight, contract management, business development, and strategic planning. His experience includes working with transportation agencies, water utilities, local governments, contractors, energy utilities, and federal agencies. Justin is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with an MS in Environmental Engineering and Science and James Madison University with a BS in Integrated Science and Technology. When asked to comment about his career in the environmental field, Justin replies:

The field of environmental science is constantly evolving as we improve our understanding of the science and discover new solutions to environmental and infrastructure challenges. I enjoy playing my part in those solutions with a diverse team of creative colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. We will continue to face new challenges relating to habitat protection, water quality, climate change, infrastructure rehabilitation, and energy reliability, among others, and I am confident that we will continue to make improvements for environment and infrastructure.