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Vice President of State and Local Programs

Justin Haynes

Vice President of State and Local Programs

Justin Haynes, Vice President of State and Local Programs, grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and joined Straughan Environmental in 2003. Justin brings a diverse range of expertise to Straughan Environmental, including natural resource science, regulatory policy, environmental permitting, and ecological restoration. When asked to comment about his career in environmental science and his experiences at Straughan Environmental, Justin replies:

The field of environmental science and regulatory policy is relatively new. We are consistently making discoveries about the health of natural systems and developing better ways to solve environmental problems through innovative regulatory and restoration approaches. At Straughan Environmental, we strive to approach the environmental industry with creative solutions to our client’s problems. Our culture helps to attract some of the best and brightest employees; we challenge each other to be leaders in an ever-changing and exciting field.