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Eileen Straughan


Eileen Straughan, Advisor, is the Past President and founder of the company. She has more than 35 years of experience in environmental science, planning, and design for transportation and land development projects. Eileen’s years of experience have led her to note:

During my career I have witnessed the environmental discussion grow from polarization and conflict to recognition that by working together we can achieve far better outcomes for our growing society and the natural and human environment. This is an exciting time to be an environmental professional because it’s not all about compliance anymore. It’s about sustainability and doing what is right to meet the needs of a growing society in its security, housing, transportation systems, and infrastructure, while protecting, preserving and enhancing the natural and human environment in which we all live. It’s not about finding a way to avoid environmental laws and regulations, it’s about finding where and what the resources are, understanding how they might be affected by our projects, and discovering how to avoid and minimize potential impacts.

Eileen’s expertise is in water resource management and her passion is improving our ability to achieve water quality standards through implementation of low impact development strategies, innovative stormwater management techniques, and stream restoration.