Construction Inspection Services

We provide construction management and inspection services for your infrastructure project to minimize costs, maintain schedules, reduce risk, and ensure quality results. Straughan understands the importance of establishing and maintaining open communications between the owner, designer-of-record, construction contractor, and regulatory agencies in order to improve project outcomes.

Construction Inspection Services Services

  • Inspection services
  • Design review and evaluation
  • Construction phase permitting
  • Construction meeting facilitation
  • Assistance with public outreach
  • Environmental compliance inspection
  • Erosion and sediment control inspection
  • RFI response assistance
  • Inspector’s daily report preparation
  • Materials inspection and tracking
  • Project schedule monitoring
  • Green line “As-built” tracking
  • Progress report preparation
  • Pay items approval
  • Punch list preparation
  • Contract administration
  • Cost and quality control
  • Review of contract submittals
  • Construction closeout

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