Environmental Assessments and Permitting

Straughan has nearly 20 years of experience working to streamline the approval and provide environmental compliance for everything from billion dollar infrastructure programs to small maintenance projects.

Infrastructure and development projects can present environmental permitting challenges that drive costs and delay schedules. We believe an accurate assessment of resources and proper planning for regulatory requirements results in successful projects that also improve the human and natural environment. We provide insight into environmental compliance to reduce risk and improve efficiency for better project outcomes. Our staff have specialized experience in wetland regulations, forest permitting, cultural resources and archeology, endangered species, water engineering, and the public involvement process.

Environmental Assessments and Permitting Services

  • Wetland and Stream Delineations
  • Wetland Functional Assessments
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Watershed Assessments
  • Stream Biological Assessments
  • Macroinvertebrates
  • Fish and Shellfish
  • Stream Geomorphic Assessments
  • Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
  • Endangered Species Act Biological Assessments
  • Habitat Assessments
  • Forest Stand Delineations
  • Forest Conservation Planning

Featured Projects

Related Projects

  • Interstate 81 Wetland Delineations
  • Cordorus Creek Biological Assessment
  • Environmental Services for Broad Creek Sewershed
  • Reforestation Management Planning for BWI Airport
  • Environmental Permitting for the Bi-County Transit Line/Purple Line

Representative Clients

  • US Navy
  • Veterans Administration
  • Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
  • Greater Orlando Airports Authority
  • Maryland Department of Transportation
  • Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Howard County
  • Prince George’s County