Washington, DC District Department of Transportation

Stormwater Management and Green Infrastructure Design, Stormwater Retrofits, Planning, and Design

The DDOT Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management Design project in Washington, DC, led by Straughan, focused on enhancing water quality and reducing stormwater runoff through comprehensive planning, design, and maintenance of green infrastructure practices.


Our Approach

Straughan Environmental led a significant initiative for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to enhance water quality and reduce stormwater runoff through the design and implementation of Green Infrastructure (GI) practices in Washington, DC. This project involved the development of a comprehensive geodatabase to manage existing and future GI assets, the creation of a maintenance implementation plan, the standardization of GI design, and the development of a stormwater management siting map to optimize GI implementation.

The geodatabase included all existing GI assets and was designed to be easily updated with future additions. Maintenance plans were formulated using benchmark data from other agencies, and standardized GI design situations were identified to improve efficiency and performance across approximately 60 scenarios. Additionally, Straughan developed stormwater management siting maps that identified suitable areas for GI implementation, aiding in capital budget planning and accelerating GI installation.

This project will help DDOT meet its MS4 permit requirements while providing significant co-benefits to underserved communities, such as improved aesthetics, air quality, and reduced urban heat island effects. Straughan’s expert execution not only modernizes DDOT’s GI operations but also reduces future operating costs and streamlines maintenance processes.

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