Washington, DC DC Water

CIP, GIS, and CAD Support for DC Water

Straughan is supporting the asset management and preservation of the Washington, DC sewer and water systems.


Our Approach

Straughan supports DC Water through asset management of Washington, DC’s sewer and water systems by converting features from record drawings into a comprehensive GIS data network. DC Water has produced completed construction project record drawings where the sewer and water features must be integrated into their comprehensive GIS network. Each record drawing requires georeferencing and specific edits/additions to the geometry and attributes of the network that follow the topology, regulations, and principles of the systems, as well as a general location-accuracy check of the existing features.

Straughan’s work has been integral to DC Water as they work to maintain and update their GIS sewer and water system networks. Straughan has provided a detail-oriented work ethic to the project to ensure the accuracy and completeness necessary to convert the data into a digital, cohesive GIS network.

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