Statewide, MD Maryland Transportation Authority

MDOT MDTA Stormwater System Preservation Asset Management Support

Straughan is providing comprehensive GIS support for the NPDES compliance program with specific regard to illicit discharge pollution detection, Total Maximum Daily Load implementation, Storm Water Management post-construction inspections, and erosion and sediment control inspections.


Our Approach

Straughan has developed geodatabase schemas and datasets and manages relational geodatabases in a System Data Enterprise (SDE) environment to ensure the GIS modeling of stormwater system functionality. We examined and georeferenced as-built plans into the GIS SDE to capture the spatial locations of stormwater drainage infrastructure and to analyze drainage profiles.

Geometric networks and set topology rules are built into the SDE to ensure the MDTA stormwater drainage network flows correctly and is executable within the relation of all drainage feature classes. QA/QC of the stormwater data is accomplished by using versioning on an SDE. The GIS SDE system allows MDOT MDTA to populate and edit data accordingly for stormwater drainage network modeling. To date, the following have been inventoried and analyzed:

  • 6400 Inlet/Manhole features
  • 8666 Pipes
  • 759,000 linear feet of active drainpipes and culverts

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