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  • Public Outreach for the Baltimore County Sustainability Plan

Public Outreach for the Baltimore County Sustainability Plan

Making our communities more sustainable and enduring through the coming decades is a challenge that every community will face. In addition to actions that can be taken solely within the public realm or within the purview of local government operations, community sustainability will involve measurable and noticeable activities that effect communities directly. Baltimore County Maryland has instituted extensive policies to conserve energy and resources through actions affecting government operations. Straughan Environmental assisted the County in developing concepts to reach out to the community to get input into strategies that might be implemented community-wide.

Straughan scheduled and facilitated Stakeholder meetings on eight core sustainability strategies. The strategies included Community Form and Place-making, Transportation and Mobility, Source Reduction, Recycling, and Solid Waste Disposal, Economic Vitality and Jobs, and Community Engagement and Capacity. Over a period of months, the stakeholder groups developed a series of strategies, including estimates of effectiveness and ease of implementation for each, and delivered those strategies to the County’s Sustainability Coordinator.