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  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Environmental Services

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Environmental Services

Since 2010, Straughan has provided environmental compliance program support for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). Under our $12M prime contract, Straughan’s supported all program areas managed by the GSFC Medical and Environmental Management Division (MEMD), which consisted of the following technical program areas: Waste Prevention and Management, Water Management, Air Management, Environmental Management, Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment, Environmental Liability Management, and Natural Resources Management. In addition, Straughan provided Multi-Media Sampling and Analysis services as well as several core contract requirements and overall project and program management services. With GSFC’s location in the environmentally sensitive Chesapeake Bay watershed, we committed to fulfilling GSFC’s mission in a manner that promoted environmental stewardship, sustainability, and continual improvement, while mitigating environmentally driven mission risks.

Straughan continues to serve GSFC as a significant subcontractor on the follow-on Environmental Services contract, providing many of the same functions and staying committed to GSFC’s mission.