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  • Midshore Landfill Wetland Mitigation
  • Midshore Landfill Wetland Mitigation

Midshore Landfill Wetland Mitigation

Straughan assisted with the planning and permitting phase for the Midshore II Solid Waste Facility by conducting wetland and forest stand delineations, preparing permit applications, and developing mitigation plans to compensate for unavoidable impacts to natural resources.

During the planning phase of the project, Straughan identified and delineated eight streams totaling 12,850 feet, 17 wetlands totaling 5.5 acres, and four forest stands totaling 143 acres. Streams and wetlands were delineated according the US Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual. Following the delineations, Straughan met with regulatory agencies to confirm the delineations, describe the proposed project, outline avoidance and minimization efforts, and identify any hurdles to permitting.

As part of the permitting process and to fulfill compensatory mitigation requirements, Straughan conducted a mitigation site search and developed a mitigation plan for wetland, stream, and forest restoration. The plan was approved by the regulatory agencies, and Straughan designed a 7 acre wetland restoration project, developed plans to stabilize and restore 1,240 feet of stream, eradicated invasive species along an 880-foot stream riparian buffer, and planted 36 acres of forest.