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  • Landscape Services for the State Highway Administration

Landscape Services for the State Highway Administration

Straughan Environmental, Inc. has provided Inspection Services and programmatic support to the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) through two concurrent landscape related contracts. Our inspection services included the review of cost estimates and specifications as well as the inspection of turf and other vegetation on project sites to ensure that environmental requirements were met. Our comprehensive services included evaluation of vegetation research plots to determine the effectiveness of landscaping alternatives to ensure sustainability objectives (i.e. – plants, native species, pesticides, landscaping products, and landscaping techniques), specification development and training and technical support for SHA staff.

Straughan provided several full-time employees for this contract. Our inspectors held various certifications, including the Erosion and Sediment Control Yellow Card.

Responsibilities included:

  • Management of various projects to ensure the work is performed in accordance with the contract requirements.
  • Provided plant inspection for landscape projects to verify the proper type and size and to verify plants are disease free prior to and during installation.
  • Coordination of field activities with contractors and various public and private agencies.
  • Design geodatabases to house data for the Green Asset Management System
  • Provided support for SHA in preparation of reports for various environmental issues.
  • Developed and edited specifications for the 704, 705 and 920 Special Provisions of the MDOT/ SHA Standard Specifications for Construction and Materials.
  • Reviewed and edited various MDOT manuals.
  • Reviewed specifications for bioretention ponds.
  • Prepared native grass seed mixes for use on roadsides.
  • Prepared and managed invasive species controls and landscape contracts for both new construction and maintenance contracts.