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  • Howard County  ASHRAE Level I/II Energy Audit Training

Howard County ASHRAE Level I/II Energy Audit Training

Howard County is located in central Maryland with a population of about 288,000 and is known as a prominent location to live due to the resources available. The county is committed to providing a safe and sustainable environment by investing in public awareness of sustainability, offering an extensive recycling program, and supporting recommendations for making its building stock more efficient. Howard County’s Energy Team is a group of highly motivated employees that volunteer to help make the county’s infrastructure more efficient by providing walkthrough audits. Straughan was given the opportunity to develop training material tailored to the team’s goals and conduct training on topics such as basic energy concepts, energy audits, Energy Star Portfolio Manager, green building rating systems, and rebate opportunities. The intent of this training was to provide the Energy Team with the background and technical skill to properly conduct level 1 and 2 audits, effectively analyze energy use data, and be capable of providing recommendations based on information gathered.

To support Howard County’s Energy Team in pursuing their goals, Straughan Environmental, Inc. performed an ASHRAE Level I/II audit. Straughan  developed checklists to be used when conducting audits, provided copies of presentation material, and assisted the team on an audit to answer any questions they may have. The key efforts included:

  • analyzing energy consumption for select Howard County Buildings
  • providing recommendations for energy saving opportunities
  • working with maintenance to ensure equipment it maintained properly
  • educating the Energy Team on energy management and energy audits
  • developing a training rubric for the Energy Team
  • teaching how to submit data to Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • performing walkthrough audits
  • demonstrating how to perform greenhouse gas emission calculations