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Environmental Compliance Monitoring for WSSC

For this project, Straughan Environmental provided comprehensive environmental compliance monitoring and stream construction management services for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s (WSSC) consent decree driven Sewer Repair, Rehabilitation, and Replacement (SR3) program. The initial focus of this effort began in January 2013 with the Broad Creek Sewershed, and has since expanded to include work throughout WSSC’s service area.

Straughan has helped the WSSC meet compliance requirements for multiple environmental permits associated with the SR3 program. Specifically, staff have led preconstruction meetings with environmental agencies, assisted with limits of disturbance stakeouts, and coordinated permit modifications when changes to the LODs were necessary. Throughout construction, Straughan staff have worked with the WSSC and its contractors to ensure best management practices are followed. In addition to construction, our staff have worked with the WSSC to ensure that sites are adequately restored upon completion of the work.

As part of the SR3 program, the WSSC is also protecting exposed sewer assets within waterways to avoid potential future sewage overflows. Straughan has provided expertise in stream construction techniques throughout construction of various stream stabilization projects. Straughan staff have provided recommendations for field modification to instream structures and assisted the WSSC in responding to RFIs from contractors. Our field inspectors have verified the installation of stream restoration structures and provided daily progress status updates to the WSSC. The staff’s knowledge of stream design, construction, and permit compliance has helped the WSSC and its contractors successfully complete many projects. Straughan staff have also helped prepare designs when new exposed assets are identified, as well as coordinating the approval of such work with various environmental permitting agencies.