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  • Energy Audit for the Benedictine Sisters of Baltimore

Energy Audit for the Benedictine Sisters of Baltimore

The Benedictine Sisters of Baltimore are dedicated to preserving natural resources for future generations while providing a healthy environment for friends and guests. With this mission, they came to Straughan looking to reduce their energy consumption. The Sisters own two homes, each about 2,500 SF and the Monastery which is nearly 17,000 SF. Straughan, in partnership Koolhof Earth, conducted energy audits and performed blower door tests on close to 22,000 SF of real estate. Through the energy audits and blower door testing, Straughan was able to identify air leaks, health hazards, equipment malfunctions, and gas leaks. Upon completion of the audits and blower door tests, reports were developed for each of the three buildings.

To support the Benedictine Sisters of Baltimore in pursuing their goal of making their buildings more efficient, Straughan Environmental, Inc. developed detailed recommendations to reduce energy consumption as well as provided estimated paybacks for repairs, upgrades, and replacement of equipment. The recommendations were prioritized based on payback analysis and capital cost. The majority of the recommendations were low or no cost solutions. The key efforts included:

  • analyzing energy consumption
  • providing recommendations for energy saving opportunities
  • developing energy audit reports
  • working with the sisters to ensure equipment it maintained properly
  • performing blower door testing

If all no- and low-cost recommendations are implemented, this project will result in an estimated 20% reduction in energy consumption.