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Beach Drive Emergency Asset Repair for WSSC

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) contracted with Straughan Environmental to provide stream restoration and asset protection, design and construction management/inspection services for an emergency repair located within a tributary to Sligo Creek in Montgomery County, Maryland.

An approximately 80 foot section of 12-inch sewer pipe had become exposed and was actively leaking sewage into the stream. The line had become exposed as the result of streambank erosion.  The WSSC required immediate assistance with developing stream stabilization plans that would provide long term protection for the repaired sewer pipe while at the same time meeting the landowner’s (Maryland National Capital Park and Planning) requirement for a repair approach that utilized a Natural Channel Design and was aesthetically appropriate for the existing park setting. Straughan quickly performed a site evaluation and developed a design which incorporated rock toe protection, rock vanes, soil lifts, riffle construction, and channel geometry and alignment modifications.

Once the design was approved by MDE, MNCPPC, and WSSC construction plans were provided to the construction contractor for implementation. Straughan was retained to provide construction management services for WSSC. Because the contractors that normally perform asset repair work for WSSC are typically not experienced in stream restoration construction, the WSSC and MNCPPC required that an experienced environmental inspector be present during construction.  Straughan worked in a collaborative manner with the contractor to develop specifications for materials and provide guidance with maintenance of flow and erosion and sediment control installation. Straughan served as a liaison to the permitting agencies and property owner, conducting field meetings, providing progress updates, and coordinating field revisions. Straughan was onsite during all phases of the construction in order to provide guidance to the contractor and to ensure that structures were installed to the design specifications.

Upon completion of the work, Straughan performed a green line “As-built” plan for submittal to MDE. The project was deemed a great success by the WSSC, MNCPPC and MDE. Straughan was able to provide a full service rapid response for this emergency repair in a very environmentally sensitive and public setting.